Offshore Services


A Virtual Office is useful for you to have a professional presence in Belize without renting a physical office. An International Business Company can utilize these services to show that their companies are not only incorporated in Belize but also carries on business in or from within Belize.

Advantages of a Virtual Office

  • Business Presence in Belize
  • Efficient Secretarial Services
  • Physical Address
  • Complete Contact Information
  • No Staff Costs
  • Complete Company Image
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Mail Forwarding Services

  • A Post Office Box complete with Suite No.
  • The box is checked daily & contents are mailed as requested
  • Annual Fee is US $196.87
  • Deposit Fee of US $50.00 is required for forwarding mails by airmail
  • Deposit Fee of US $150.00 is required for forwarding mails by courier
  • Additional Deposit of US $140.62 if you want a Separate P.O. Box
Fax Forwarding Services
  • Complete use of Direct Fax Machine Line to receive/send faxes
  • You can email us documents you want us to fax
  • Monthly Fax Fee is US $112.50 (3 months payment required)
  • Annual Fee is US $196.87
  • Deposit of US $100.00 is required for paper expenses
  • Total due to begin this service is US $634.37
Virtual Telephone Services
  • A virtual telephone complete with voicemail activation
  • We will record your greeting & set up your pass code, which you can change anytime
  • Messages can be retrieved from anywhere in the world
  • Annual Fee is US $496.87

    For an Annual Fee of US $225.00 we can check your messages & forward these to you by email on a weekly basis

* Note: You can also apply for any of the above as individual services.

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