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Most people who establish corporations or foundations through our company also require a postal and physical address in Belize where their companies can receive correspondence from clients', banks etc. Clients generally do not want the mailing address of their corporate accounts to be the same as their personal address, so they prefer a Mail Forwarding Address for more privacy and security.

Our mail forwarding services includes the following:

  • Corporate Post Office Box (Mail to P. O. Box 2284)
  • Physical Address in Belize (16 Albert Hoy Avenue, Belama Phase 1, Belize City, Belize C.A.)
  • Forwarding address will be for one name and one company forwarding address only
  • Annual Mail Forwarding Fee is US $196.87, tax included
  • A Deposit of US $50.00 is required for forwarding fees for the first year.  An annual invoice will be sent to you to replenish the yearly deposit
  • An additional Deposit of US $150.00 is required if you will require express courier services
  • If individual box is required & available, annual cost is US $140.62 for one name and address.
  • We require a Notarized Copy of the applicants passport
  • If the applicant is a company, we will require a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation plus Notarized copy of each Director's Passport
  • The mail will be forwarded to you as per your instructions on the application form
  • We can send your mail by courier, we will advise you of the tracking number
  • You may choose to use only the post office box number or the physical address
  • You can fax us the application form below when you are ready to proceed with the service
  • For payment of this service, you can request our wire instructions or other payment method
*Note: We do not offer bulk mailing from Belize on behalf of clients.

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PO Box 2284, #16 Albert Hoy Avenue, Belama Phase 1,

TEL: 501-223-2077/2149 E-MAIL
US TEL: 954-323-8314 E-MAIL
FAX: 501-223-5313CELLULAR: 501-610-5166

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