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  • Application for Offshore Banking License
      Unrestricted ‘A’ Class; or
      Restricted ‘B’ Class
  • Biographical Data of Directors and Officers
  • Financial Report of Directors and Officers
      Two Character Reference for each Director and Officer
      Police Report from state or country where lived last 3-5 yrs for each Director and Officer
      Letter of Recommendation from Banking Institution for each Director and Officer
      Audited Reports of prior three years of the present Company
  • Application for Local Corporation for preliminary work and for submission
  • Application for International Business Company (if necessary)
  • Business Plan
  • Minimum Capital Requirement for Class A: not less than US$3,000,000   { not to be
  • Minimum Capital Requirement for Class B: not less than US$1,000,000  { encumbered
  • For both Class A and Class B, a Physical Office is required in Belize
  • Financial Statements are to be audited and physically verified by Officers of the Central Bank and International Auditors
  • A minimum of five Directors is required
  • Resume of proposed CEO and Directors
  • The CEO and minimum one Director must be qualified and experienced in Banking, International and Offshore Banking.
  • A Local Representative, Spokesperson will be required
  • You will also need a Local Attorney and CPA with Offshore Business experience (we have associates who can provide this service)

The procedure for establishing an offshore bank in Belize takes place in four basic steps:

  • Introductory Meeting        1 month
      Interested parties can be introduced to the Manager of the Supervision Department of the Central Bank at which time they will receive the application package.
  • Pre-Filing Meeting
      This is to clarify any points not understood and also to name a spokesperson who will represent you in all further contacts with the Central Bank.
  • Application Acceptance and Processing       2 months
      The application form along with all support documents is processed upon receipt. You will also be required to provide the following information: type of banking business to be provided, corporate information, detailed business plan with financial projections and historical and pro-forma financial statement
      The non-refundable application fee will be due at this time
      The Central Bank reviews the application to ensure that all sections are completed. If it is incomplete, the spokesperson will be notified to submit any additions or corrections before the application is accepted. Failure to do this will delay the process.       2-3 months
      After acceptance, a thorough analysis is conducted. First: Due Diligence is carried out. Second: if the due diligence is satisfactory, the decision to recommend approval is based on the prospects for success of the proposed bank.
  • Organization of the New Bank       2-3 months
      If approval is granted by the Minister, you are expected to proceed with organizing the new bank and abiding by all the relevant laws and regulations and conditions stated with the Minister’s approval.
Total Estimated Time for Processing and Completing Application: 7-9 months


  • Application fee of US$500. (Non-refundable)
  • Annual License Fee for
      Unrestricted A Class: US$20,000
      Restricted B Class: US$15,000

Some of our Services will include the following:

  • Introduction and making appointments with officers of the Central Bank and Government Ministers and Officials where necessary
  • Preparing and Filing of the Application
  • Preparation of Local and International Business Company
  • Liaison with Central Bank and Government Officials in obtaining approval of a Belize Offshore Banking License
  • Work with Central Bank Officials on Terms and Conditions of License
  • Working on a Business Plan together with the proposed CEO and Directors
  • Working with Offshore Attorney and CPA on legal issues and audit of accounts
  • Local Director Services are also available
  • A US$7,500. Retainer is due at the beginning of the Application process. This retainer will be held until completion of the project.
  • Thereafter, you will be billed on a monthly basis at US$125. per hour
Local Payments:
  • Out of pocket costs including telephone, fax, e-mail, photocopy, courier, secretarial and accounting services and office supplies will also be billed monthly
  • A Separate Retainer will be required for additional services from Attorney, CPA and disbursements for the proposed Offshore Bank Application
  • An Account can be set up at a local bank in the name of the proposed Company to take care of local payments.
Check Publications you would like to order. These are also available at the following website

Offshore Banking Act 2003
Money Laundering Prevention Act 2003
International Business Company Act, 2000

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