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A NGO is a company that is set up for the purpose of providing sustainable human development through social and economic activities of the country or region where it is established.

A NGO is set up in two parts: firstly, the incorporation of the non-profit company and secondly, the application for the NGO status.


  • A NGO is exempted from the payment of Business Tax
  • A NGO may apply to the Minister to be exempted from the payment of any other tax or duty levied by the Government
  • Every Person who makes a donation to a NGO will be eligible to have such donation treated as tax-deductible for income tax purposes
  • Proposed Name and Address of NGO
  • Name, address and occupation of each Director and member
  • Résumé or brief biography on each director and member
  • A clear mission statement
  • Aims, Objects and Purposes of the Organization
  • Organization Structure
  • By Laws/Policies
  • Type of programme of activities intended to carry out
  • Projected financial statement
  • Full details of grants and grantors (start up and upcoming year)
  • Letters of support from established organizations that share similar interests and goals in Belize and abroad
  • Generally 2-4 weeks to process the documents before we submit the application (this period depends on the documents given to us)
  • After submission of application & documentation to government, the government will reply within 4 weeks. The entire process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

A non-refundable deposit of US $500.00 is required if you would like us to do a preliminary research on your NGO.

Processing Fees for Non-Profit Corporation

US $ 1,250.00

Registration of corporation as an NGO

US $ 1,250.00

Administrative Expenses

US $ 200.00


US $ 2,700.00

General Sales Tax (12.5% of $2,700.00)

US $   337.50

Total Fees

US $ 3,037.50

Any additional time other than incidentals above will be charged at US $75.00 per hour plus administrative fee and general sales tax of 12.5%. For a fee of US $537.50 filing fees and general sales tax, we can prepare the annual reports for your NGO" at Companies Registry and at Ministry of Human Development" as required by the Laws of Belize. This fee is in addition to the application fee stated above.


For a fee of US $667.43, we can prepare the annual reports for your NGO as required by the Laws of Belize. The annual reports are mandatory and must be filed annually to keep the NGO staus updated. The documents required for the annual report are as follows:

  • Name, address and occupation of each Director
  • Maximum Annual estimated revenues and grants
  • A report with the programme of activities during the next financial year
  • Statement of account duly audited by an auditor appointed yearly by the Board of Directors
  • Certified Financial Statements
Fee Breakdown:

Annual Report at Companies Registry   

US $ 137.50

Annual Registered Office

US $ 125.00

Annual Report at Ministry of Human Development 

US $ 275.00

Administrative Fee   

US $ 50.00


US $ 587.50

General Sales Tax (12.5% of $587.50)

US $ 337.50

Filing Fees   

US $   6.50

Total Fees

US $ 667.43

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